... I am working on in my spare time

Sounds out of Bounds

As a student of the university of Stuttgart, I was significantly involved in creating a songbook about computer science and IT. This was meant to be a worthy successor to past songbooks on similar topics created by the local Fachschaft. We printed some exemplars and made it freely available (and CC-BY-NC-SA licenced it) on Github. The book includes more than 20 re-interpretations of music hits, such as Branching Tree, Another Day in Tech Support, Commit the Code Jack, or Another Byte in the Code.

Grenoblog [German]

Der Blog zu meinem Doppelmaster-Auslandsjahr in Grenoble. Gedacht ist dieses relativ ungefilterte "Tagebuch" als Erinnerung für mich selbst sowie als Orientierung für alle, die sich selbst überlegen, an einem Doppelabschlussprogramm teilzunehmen.


A plugin for the KDE Plasma launcher krunner which helps retrieving Unicode symbols as well as arbitrary custom definitions by entering a short keyword. This allows to have foreign letters like λ, symbols like ✔ or entire text blocks like lorem ipsum copied to the clipboard by entering the corresponding cue.


Short for Theremin Sensor Application, this framework provides a way to build your own Theremin-like instrument with Tinkerforge distance sensors and a plain old computer (or a Raspberry Pi). The fully digital audio synthesis allows for interesting and fun variations such as different sound waves, octaving, autotuning and playing for two voices.


I am currently maintaining some different websites and homepages.

A homepage about the catholic local youth journal Sakristei. I developed the complete homepage, including some non-trivial elements such as dynamic Javascript picture galeries and searching through our large inventory of digital issues. I also wrote the majority of the homepage's content.

What you are reading at the moment. A plain old bootstrap template with some minor tweaking.