... I am working on in the office or in my spare time


Malleable Load Balancing – Multitasking Agile Logic Blackbox. This platform enables the large-scale processing of many jobs in parallel where the set of nodes computing on some job is subject to changes during its execution. In its principal application, the platform features scalable SAT solving with an award-winning SAT solving engine based on HordeSat, Lingeling, and YalSAT.


Lifted Logic for Task Networks. This automated planner resolves Totally Ordered Hierarchical Task Network (TOHTN) planning problems by translating them into propositional logic using an entirely new instantiation and encoding scheme that avoids full grounding of the planning problem at hand. Scored the 2nd place of the International Planning Competition 2020's Total Order track.


A plugin for the KDE Plasma launcher krunner which helps retrieving Unicode symbols as well as arbitrary custom definitions by entering a short keyword. This allows to have foreign letters like λ, symbols like ✔ or entire text blocks like lorem ipsum copied to the clipboard. The tool also supports abbreviations leading to the execution of custom commands.

Sounds out of Bounds

As a student of the university of Stuttgart, I was significantly involved in creating a songbook about computer science and IT. This was meant to be a worthy successor to past songbooks on similar topics created by the local Fachschaft. We printed some exemplars and made it freely available (and CC-BY-NC-SA licenced it) on Github. The book includes more than 20 re-interpretations of music hits, such as Branching Tree, Another Day in Tech Support, Commit the Code Jack, or Another Byte in the Code.


Short for Theremin Sensor Application, this framework provides a way to build your own Theremin-like instrument with Tinkerforge distance sensors and a plain old computer (or a Raspberry Pi). The fully digital audio synthesis allows for interesting and fun variations such as different sound waves, octaving, autotuning and playing for two voices.

Grenoblog [German]

Der Blog zu meinem Doppelmaster-Auslandsjahr in Grenoble. Gedacht ist dieses relativ ungefilterte "Tagebuch" als Erinnerung für mich selbst sowie als Orientierung für alle, die sich selbst überlegen, an einem Doppelabschlussprogramm teilzunehmen.